Dimension 143 Special Edition

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Color Brick Red
Rail Tirox
  • Sizes: 245x143mm
  • Saddle weight with nack rail: 165gr
  • Saddle weight with tirox rail: 210gr
  • Tape not included


NATURAL COLOR is the limited edition that provides neutral earth colors: brick red, military green and dark brown! The top of the range materials are the same as the upholstery of famous luxury cars and will guarantee you a very high level of exclusivity.

Together with the dedicated handlebar tape, you can complete the exclusive look!

Dimension is a new innovative saddle designed to combine comfort and performance.

The name Dimension contains the importance of the project itself: to create an innovative product in terms of size, design and ergonomic shape suitable for all disciplines and perfect for men and women. Dimension is comfort, performance and lightness. The combination of short nose (35mm less than a traditional saddle) and PAS system ensures blood flow and pressure relief, ensuring comfort even in aerodinamic position or maximum pushing phase. The wider seating area (width 143mm) allows a better distribution of body weight. The Dimension saddle has been tested and developed in collaboration with the best international professional teams to ensure a saddle suitable for all user

Tape not included, find it in the "tapes" section