Proxim Nembo, the gravity saddle for extreme performance

Tested and approved by Gee Atherton

Stability, control, resistance and comfort, these are the characteristics that champions and fans of the most extreme off-road disciplines, from All-mountain, Enduro up to Downhill, look for in a saddle.

To meet the demands of these riders, Prologo launched Proxim in 2019, an entire line of saddles dedicated to gravity and E-mtb, which is now expanded with a new model at the top-of-the-range of the collection.

Proxim Nembo represents the latest evolution in the world of gravity saddles, a model with a distinctly racing soul, designed and perfected in synergy with the Enduro and DH World Cup teams supported by Prologo, and with world champions such as Gee Atherton (Continental Atherton MTB race team), who has already used the new saddle during his latest extreme adventure in the Dolomites.

Ergonomic shape and innovative performance-oriented design

The racing soul of the new Nembo, already emerges from its compact dimensions of 245x135mm, making it the narrowest model in the current Proxim collection.

  • The flat ergonomic shape provides a good support surface, guaranteeing maximum support and excellent stability when pedaling.
  • The nose of the saddle is wider, to improve the bike control in all phases of riding, even in descents when you are not on the saddle.
  • The rear is rounded to make it easier to move in and out of the saddle.

Wide central channel and Active Base System for maximum comfort

The design choices are not only oriented to performance, but even to rider comfort.

To reduce pressure points to a minimum, the saddle features a wide central channel combined with Prologo's characteristic Active Base System: a perforated base under the central section of the cover that allows the connection of advantages of an open-base saddle, which can further relieve pressure, with the advantages of a closed saddle, which offers more suitable protection against dirt and stones thrown up by the rear wheel.

The padding is made of foams of varying densities, to ensure maximum support in the rear area where the ischial bones rest, and increase comfort in the other areas of the saddle where the soft tissues rest.

The base is made of nylon mixed with carbon and features increased thicknesses, in order to cope with even the roughest Enduro trails and the most extreme Downhill stresses, guaranteeing good strength and durability.

On the other hand, the T2.0 rail, made of chromoly steel, offers an excellent compromise between flexibility and robustness, fundamental characteristics for gravity use.

Proxim Nembo Slide Control, with 3D cover for extra grip

For the most demanding riders, looking for maximum control of the bike both when pedaling and when descending out of the saddle, there is also an evolved version of the Proxim Nembo with an upgrade of the proprietary 'Slide Control' technology.
The "Proxim Nembo Slide Control" model features a special 3D silicone print on the cover that increases grip, helping the rider to maintain a more stable position in the saddle during all phases of riding, even in the most extreme wet and muddy conditions.

A concept similar to the CPC (Connect Power Control) technology applied to Prologo saddles for the Road, Triathlon and Cross Country disciplines, and for the gloves, but with a less aggressive grip to allow good freedom of movement when moving out of the saddle.

Proxim Nembo Slide Control, is equipped with the TiroX light-alloy steel rail, with the same robust and durable characteristics as the T2.0 version, but weighing less. The ideal choice for riders who also pay attention to component weight.

145mm versions for greater comfort and for E-MTBs

In addition to the narrow 135mm versions of the Nembo and Nembo Slide Control models, two wider versions are available too, with a 145mm base and 5mm more upper padding.

These wider and more padded versions are ideal for those seeking greater comfort, and are recommended for mounting on E-MTBs, where the motor assistance involves less force transferred to the pedals and greater weight distribution on the saddle.

Tested by Gee Atherton in the Dolomites

A saddle like Proxim Nembo, could only be tested in extreme conditions. And who better to push it to the limit than a two-time World Champion like Gee Atherton?

Gee mounted the new Nembo Slide Control on his Atherton Bikes AM.170, to tackle the steepest and most exposed trails in the Dolomites, while filming the video: "Ridgeline IV - The Dolomites".

“Using the new Nembo saddle was great, going into a filming project that is so remote and dangerous, means you really have to trust the products you are using. And the Nembo worked perfectly.

Its ergonomic shape was most impressive, so comfortable and easy to control, it felt natural straight away and didn’t take any time to get used to it, it felt like my saddle as soon as I rode on it.

The saddle in DH its hugely important, the amount you control the bike using the seat is enormous, the tiny adjustments that change the direction of the bike are always very subtle but make a massive change. Also the strength and durability really gets tested when riding the big dh trails. And Nembo took it all in its stride.”

Gee Atherton