Proxim W400 Performance

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Color Black
Rail T2.0
  • Sizes: 255x153mm
  • Weight: 249gr

Proxim W400 is the latest addition to the Proxim range, making it ideal for both e-bikes and muscle bikes, for off-road use but also for commuting/leisure thanks to its size and padding (Multi Sector System).

Proxim W400 performance is available in 153mm, with a reduced length of 255mm, it decreases the contact points and pressure peaks in the perineal area.

The key points of Proxim are:

-MSS - Multi Sector System: this system provides different mapped and separated zones on the saddle, each composed of different interactive foams and padding with a single separate cell. The "islands" work autonomously, adapting to all the positions that the cyclist can assume while pedaling.

-OPTIMIZED BASE: wider and tilted downwards.

-ACTIVE BASE SYSTEM: an avant-garde system that provides for the use of a base with a hole for the benefit of an excellent discharge of pressures, greater distribution of pressures thanks to a greater surface of support and provides protection to the cyclist against water / mud during the most critical weather conditions.

-NEW FOAMS: the new softer and larger foams used on W400 guarantee a high level of comfort allowing the cyclist to spend long rides sitting on the saddle.

-REAR HANDLE and REFLECTIVE GRAPHIC: The saddle is equipped with a rear "handle" to facilitate the movement of the bike as well as graphics with reflective materials to improve safety.