NAGO, an iconic saddle that has gone through and has distinguished Prologo’s history from the beginning until today. A saddle that took the Italian brand to the victory of one Tour de France, one Giro d’Italia, two World Championships and many Monument Classics. A saddle that has accompanied on the podium champions as Bradley Wiggins, Alberto Contador, Peter Sagan, Andy & Frank Schleck brothers, Fabian Cancellara, Sonny Colbrelli, Thibaut Pinot and many more.

A model with a design that has always been cutting-edge throughout the years, from the first NAGO in 2007, to the second NAGO evo in 2014, until the third NAGO C3 in 2016.
Rethink and redesign an icon are never an easy game, but, it’s necessary to deal with always more ambitious challenges to be able to compete and win at the highest levels.

From these achievements history, NAGO R4 (Redesign 4) comes into the world, the fourth evolution of an icon, which collects all her prestigious heritage.

The evolution of an icon

Innovative Design, developed with PROs

The project of the new NAGO R4, as all Prologo’s products oriented to high performances, has been developed in strong collaboration with different professional teams. It has been improved thanks to “Pressure Map MyOwn” results tests, the system that analyzes pressures exerted while pedaling.

Months of research and development to create a new saddle with one ambitious goal: to satisfy both professionals and most demanding cyclists, looking for maximum performance and optimal comfort.

The design of the NAGO R4 is innovative and aerodynamic, the weight is reduced to minimum and its 245x137mm dimensions are compact. The traditional T-shape allows a good freedom of movement, while the slightly advanced anatomical center grants a more aggressive riding position. The ergonomic semi-round shape facilitates the forward rotation of the pelvis, allowing you to effortlessly reach the handlebar.

All of them are choices properly studied to ensure maximum effectiveness of pedaling in every position.

Compact Dimensions

Width 245mm


For maximum freedom of movement in the saddle

anatomical center

Advanced, for a more aggressive position on the saddle

Only 138gr

Nago R4 PAS weight

Semi-round shape

To facilitate the rotation of the hip forward


The open version NAGO R4 PAS, has a cover with two separated lateral sections completely independent, made with last generation foam with variable density. It aims to ensure excellent support and the right comfort during all phases of the ride.

At the center of the saddle, there is Prologo PAS system: a large central channel combined with a perforated base, to eliminate pressure peaks even during maximum thrust on the pedals.


The closed version NAGO R4, instead, has a cover with three independent sections, which cover the entire surface of the saddle.

At the center of the saddle, which is closed, there is however the Prologo’s Active Base system: under the central section of the cover, the seat base is still drilled, as in the open model. This solution allows you to combine the benefits of a closed saddle with a greater support surface, to the advantages of an open base saddle.


The design cover is minimal and functional. At the center of the saddle is clearly indicated the anatomical center, useful for correct positioning, while in the right back of the cover there are specifications of the model and geographical coordinates 45°37′N 9°28′E, related to the headquarters of Prologo in Busnago, near Milan - Italy.

Carbon base and different rails, for every cyclist's needs

All versions of the new saddle have a Long Carbon Fiber Injected base, a material that offers an excellent compromise between rigidity and comfort.

Each model is also available with two different types of rail:

  • Nack rail (Nano Carbon Fiber) composed by carbon fiber, kevlar and aluminum filaments. It’s targeted to more performance-oriented cyclists looking for maximum rigidity and lightness.
  • TiroX rail in light alloy steel, which is a material with an excellent balance between weight and strength. It gives the saddle a lower rigidity and superior vibration absorption, ideal for those looking for improved comfort.


NAGO R4 147, for even more comfort

The NAGO R4 and NAGO R4 PAS, with a width of 137mm, are currently the narrowest ergonomic saddles of Prologo’s collection. These two models have been designed to adapt to the physicality of cyclists with not so wide ischial bones.

To better meet the needs of all cyclists, Prologo has also developed the two models NAGO R4 147 and NAGO R4 147 PAS, with a width of 147 mm. These saddles, compared to the narrower models, have padding increased by 10 mm at the sides and 3 mm at the top. 

Per soddisfare al meglio le esigenze di tutti i ciclisti, Prologo ha sviluppato anche i due modelli NAGO R4 147 e NAGO R4 147 PAS, con una larghezza di 147 mm. Queste selle, rispetto ai modelli più stretti, presentano un’imbottitura maggiorata di 10 mm ai lati e di 3 mm nella parte superiore.

The two 147 models are ideal for:

  • cyclists with a wider distance of the ischial bones, which require a greater base of support on the saddle;
  • cyclists with a high body mass index (BMI), which can benefit from increased padding for more optimal weight distribution;
  • cyclists looking for an even more comfortable saddle.