After launching in 2013 the first saddles with CPC technology, the patented system with three-dimensional conical nano-structures that increase grip and vibration absorption, we decided to extend the 3D technology to the entire saddle to make a new ultra-light model with an innovative multi-sector cover designed from pressure test analysis.

The NAGO R4 PAS 3DMSS has the same ergonomic T-shape shape and compact dimensions (245x137 mm) of the NAGO R4, the new multi-disciplinary saddle already adopted by several professionals such as Tadej Pogačar, Mark Cavendish, Geraint Thomas, Pello Bilbao and Alberto Bettiol.


NAGO R4 PAS 3DMSS was born from the study of Pressure Map MyOwn tests, Prologo's proprietary system that allowed scientific analysis of the pressure areas exerted on the saddle by various professional and amateur cyclists.

The data collected made it possible to design and create an extremely lightweight 3D saddle, with a cover composed of separate sectors that can best adapt to the different pressure areas and ensure maximum support and comfort during all phases of pedaling.

3DMSS, the Multi Sector System technology becomes 3D

The cover of the new NAGO R4 PAS 3DMSS combines MSS - Multi Sector System technology with an innovative 3D printing process, which made it possible to create five separate sectors for each side of the saddle, which can optimally adapt to the individual areas of pressure exerted and accommodate the cyclist's morphology.

Each sector has different complex geometric shapes, varying densities and differentiated elastic coefficients, depending on position and function:

  • the rear section, has a high density and a high elastic coefficient, to provide greater support to the ischial bones and facilitate the traction phase of pedaling;
  • the 3 middle sections, present low density and a medium elastic coefficient, to offer maximum comfort where the soft tissues rest;
  • the front section, presents a medium density and a low elastic coefficient to offer good support even when it is necessary to pedal at the tip of the saddle.

Comfort and performance, with record weight for a 3D saddle

Part of our design efforts also focused on improving a typical weakness of saddles made in 3D, their weight, which is notoriously higher than that of traditional saddles.

Using data from the Pressure Map MyOwn tests, it was possible to identify areas of the saddle where the applied pressures were lower. The cover sections at these areas were made with specific 3D geometric shapes designed to be able to limit the material used, but without compromising comfort or limiting the saddle's performance.

The injected long-fiber carbon base and Nack (Nano Carbon Fiber) rail, help to further lower the overall weight, while still ensuring maximum stiffness.

The result? The weight of the new NAGO R4 PAS 3DMSS is only 149 grams. The absolute lowest weight compared to all 3D models currently on the market.


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