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Prologo Black Cardboard Gift Box

Are you looking for the perfect gift box to elevate every Prologo saddle and product? Look no further! Our elegant Prologo Black Cardboard Gift Box is the ideal choice for creating a memorable gift.

Its refined black color and high-quality cardboard material make it an impeccable option for packaging your Prologo purchases. Whether you're buying a saddle for your favorite bike or any other Prologo product, this gift box will add a touch of class and style to your presentation.

With dimensions of 19 cm x 6 cm x 32 cm, you can rest assured that the box can comfortably accommodate your Prologo item, giving it an extraordinary appearance.

Order the Prologo Black Cardboard Gift Box now and ensure that your gift shines with elegance and style. It will be an unforgettable addition to any Prologo purchase, making the gift-giving moment even more special.