Dimension Agx

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Color Black
Rail Nack
  • Sizes: 245x143mm
  • Saddle weight with nack rail: 163gr
  • Saddle weight with tirox rail: 208gr
  • Saddle weight with T4.0 rail: 237gr

Connecting with nature, challenging oneself and living the moment, this today more than ever is the spirit of the gravel. As an official technical partner of white streets, an iconic and unique race in its kind that combines different landscapes inside, we wanted to create the most versatile line of saddles ever, ready to accompany you and support you in any condition and environment.

So she was born AGX, acronym of Adventure  Gravel  Cyclocross who looks to the outdoor world but also perfect for those looking for a comfortable saddle from every point of view.

Technical features:

V-Shape: The V shape allows a more advanced seat in the saddle, eliminating the pressure in the front perineal area and offering greater stability and support area in the rear.

Carbon fiber base: In combination with thyrox and the shock -absorbing foam offers elasticity and shock absorbing.

Pas: The channel avoids pressure peaks and numbness by increasing blood circulation. Ergonomic design and variable density foams eliminate pressure points in the perineal area.