Energrip Short Fingers

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The revolution in the world of cycling. A natural extension of the hand that enhances grip and absorbs the vibrations of the soil. A new synergy between man and product.

The new Energrip, with the technology gone from prologue to the world of cen cycling (Connect - Power -Control) and the design resulting from research with partners and professionals of excellence represents the arrival point of gloves, offering three benefits simultaneously:

  • Grip and and Shock absorption

The 3D printed polymers of the CPC have been developed specifically to offer a safe grip in all conditions and atmospheric time, while the shape and positioning on strategic points of the hand guarantee the absorption of most of the vibrations transmitted from the bike to the body, reducing The stress to the tendons, muscles and joints is significantly and allowing you to pedal longer without annoyance or pain. Ever heard of Marginal Gains?

  • Thermoregulation

The air flow is a key factor for a complete glove. The new Energrip has a large air cooling area + refreshing channels inside to ensure a continuous air flow in order to eliminate heat and sweat, keeping the palm cool. The nylon back and mesh polyester allows excellent isolation from the external agents, keeping body temperature unaltered, both in heat and rigid temperatures conditions. You will no longer have to worry about bringing with you more pairs of gloves to cope with different temperatures throughout the day, wear the energy and enjoy the pedaling.

  • More stamina

The Electromyography studies of the Performance Center of the University of Besançon have shown how the CPC used by Energrip go to absorb 10% more than vibrations compared to a non -CPC palm, working on two different wavelengths. This, combined with the continuous thermoregulation, guarantees less fatigue of the muscle and carpal tunnel.

The energrip is the glove chosen by Team Bahrain Victorious, EF EducationTibco-Svb's, Valcar Travel Service and many others.

Size guide

Gloves size: how to determine optimal size

To determine the size, a ribbon meter is required, to be put around the hand at the widest point (thumb excluded). If you do not have a tape meter, simply put a thread around the hand and measure it with a ruler.

Table of measure

Based on the following table, it is possible to determine the suitable glove size:

All sizes are unisex.