Lycra Short Fingers CPC

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The riders and technical staff of the Baharain Victorious team have chosen to use Prologo gloves featuring Prologo's patented CPC technology.  

Used in F1 and the military, CPC - Connected Power Control is Prologo's patented system that guarantees performance and comfort through vibration absorption, grip and positional stability.

Thanks to its nano-structure, the special 3D conical and hollow polymer reduces muscle fatigue and facilitates airflow by reducing the temperature in the contact zone.

The CPC, moreover, positioned in strategic points, protects muscles, tendons and soft tissues from the stresses that come "from the road" guaranteeing its performance in all weather conditions.

+ 15% Vibration absorption

CPC absorbs shocks and vibrations from the road. It reduces muscle fatigue, improving recovery, performance and comfort.

+ 15% Grip

The conical design of the 3D polymers provides a vacuum effect, ensuring perfect grip.

+ 10% Airflow

The space and geometry of the 3D cones facilitate airflow, reducing heat and sweat. The Lycra back guarantees thermoregulation, flexibility and comfort.

Size guide

Gloves size: how to determine optimal size

To determine the size, a ribbon meter is required, to be put around the hand at the widest point (thumb excluded). If you do not have a tape meter, simply put a thread around the hand and measure it with a ruler.

Table of measure

Based on the following table, it is possible to determine the suitable glove size:

All sizes are unisex.