Proxim W850

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Rail Nack
Color Black / Anthracite
  • Sizes: 245x143mm
  • Weight: 148gr

Proxim W850 the ultra-lightweight saddle for light E-bikes and Gravity

The Proxim W850 was created to satisfy performance-conscious riders looking for increasingly lightweight gravity MTBs and E-MTBs, but without having to sacrifice components strength and durability.

Whether you seek maximum efficiency in off-road rides or want to reduce the bike's weight to improve handling and increase battery life in the case of light e-bikes, the new Proxim W850 is the ideal saddle to achieve these goals.

Like all the saddles in the Proxim powered by Prologo line, the new W850 was developed in collaboration with the University Politecnico di Milano and perfected through feedback from the champions of the 6 Enduro and Downhill teams supported by Prologo: GT Continental Factory Racing, Continental Atherton MTB Race Team, Lapierre Zip Collective and Lapierre Overvolt Team, E=BR1 Squadra Corse.


  • Short, ergonomic 245x143mm saddle with a V-shape and advanced anatomical center to increase rider stability and maximize pedaling efficiency.
  • Long fiber carbon reinforced base and Nack rail (Nano Carbon Fiber Ø 7x9.3 mm) to limit weight of the saddle to only 155gr.
  • Maximum comfort even off-road thanks to the MSS - Multi Sector System, with different separate zones made with different density interactive EVA foams, softer and more comfortable at the front and stiffer at the rear to give more support and stability to the ischial bones.
  • Central relief channel PAS (Perineal Area System) that eliminates contact points in the prostate-genital area, reducing pressure spikes and eliminating pain even after many hours in the saddle.
  • Grip Cover at the rear of the saddle to increase grip and help maintain a correct position in the saddle even in wet conditions, but without hindering out-of-saddle rides.