Nago R4 Nigiri

Prologo, a leading Italian company in the design and production of high-performance saddles, is pleased to present an unparalleled innovation in the world of cycling: the NAGO R4 Nigiri.

The new saddle represents the pinnacle in the research for ever more innovative materials and the selection of the highest quality ingredients.

The cover of the NAGO R4 Nigiri is made of a 100% natural material never used before in cycling: the salmon, with its vibrant colors and refined texture.

The padding is also revolutionary and is composed of another natural material, the rice, which thanks to its ability to best adapt to the different physicalities of cyclists, provides unparalleled comfort.

The combination of these ingredients has allowed Prologo to create a unique saddle that combines exceptional performance and comfort with an excellent touch of taste.

Market availability

The NAGO R4 Nigiri will be available as a limited edition at top Prologo retailers and, for this time only, also at a few select restaurants, exclusively on Monday April 1 2024.

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