Prologo AGX Nack and Space: the Gravel, Adventure and Cyclocross line gets lighter and wider

AGX, an acronym for Adventure - Gravel - Cyclocross, is the Prologo's line of ergonomic saddles dedicated to the gravel and all-road world, designed to ensure the right balance between performance and comfort on all types of terrain, even for long distances.

Compared to traditional models, AGX saddles feature a more flexible base made from new-generation materials, and extra 2mm padding formed from low-density foams. 

These features ensure better shock and vibration absorption, but without limiting or compromising power transfer even when pedaling off-road.

Prologo introduced two news for the Scratch M5 AGX and Dimension AGX models: saddles equipped with carbon Nack rails, lighter and more performance-oriented, and the new Space versions, which are more padded and even more comfortable.

Scratch M5 AGX and Dimension AGX with Nack rails, ready for gravel racing

With the establishment of gravel even in a more racing conception, officialized by the 2022 UCI National and World Championships, Prologo developed new versions of the Scratch M5 AGX and Dimension AGX, dedicated to professionals and all discerning race-oriented cyclists.

The new saddles feature the innovative Nack (Nano Carbon Fiber) rail composed of carbon fiber, Kevlar and aluminum filaments. A rail already widely adopted by Prologo for top-of-the-line saddles successfully used by professionals at the highest levels, from major road Tours to the MTB cross country World Cup.

These versions of the Scratch M5 AGX and Dimension AGX with Nack rail also rest on a new base made of Carbon Long Fiber (Long Fiber Carbon Injected Nylon), which can provide further weight reduction and increased stiffness to further increase power transfer during pedaling.

Weighing 172g for the Scratch M5 AGX and 169g for the Dimension AGX, respectively, the Nack rail versions are ideal choices for those seeking lightweight components, yet without sacrificing strength and durability. Key features for off-road use of the saddles as well.

Will be these saddles that will accompany in upcoming gravel competitions athletes of the caliber of Nicolas Roche, Alex Howes, Emily Joy Newsom and Lachlan Morton, one of the first professionals to be directly involved in the development of Prologo's AGX line.

Scratch M5 AGX Space and Dimension AGX Space, more padding and comfort

Prologo's innovations are not limited to the world of all-road racing, however. The AGX line gets even wider, with the new Scratch M5 AGX Space and Dimension AGX Space.

The two new Space models, wider and more padded than traditional AGX saddles, are ideal for:

  • cyclists with wider ischial bone spacing, who therefore require a wider base of support on the saddle;
  • cyclists with a high body mass index (BMI), who can benefit from increased padding for more optimal weight distribution;
  • cyclists simply looking for an even more comfortable all-road saddle.

Measurement of ischial bone distance and body mass index, are just some of the key parameters used in the MyOwn fitting system, Prologo's bio-mechanical system. The platform makes it possible to find the most suitable saddle for each type of cyclist through thorough testing that can be done free of charge at selected retailers.

Compared with traditional AGX models, the two Space versions feature a wider width of 7mm for the Scratch M5 AGX Space and 10mm for the Dimension AGX Space.

The thickness of the upper padding is also increased by 2mm on both models.

To maximize comfort, the new Scratch M5 AGX Space adopts the TiroX rail made of light-alloy steel, a material that has an excellent balance between weight and strength. The Dimension AGX, on the other hand, is available in two versions, with TiroX rail and T4.0, a chromoly rail specifically for the Dimension line, made through an advanced process that ensures greater lightness and unalterable technical strength.


Prologo AGX saddles with Nack rail and the new Space versions, are already available online and at top Prologo dealers.

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