Prologo & Aurum, a new special edition with Contador and Basso

That Ivan Basso and Alberto Contador have been collaborating with Prologo for a long time is nothing new. Our saddles have supported them throughout their professional career, evolving according to their needs and feedback.

This relationship then materialized in the choice by the two champions to mount our saddles on their Aurum brand. The latest specimen of the Spanish company is the Zevra, with a unique design and limited availability of only 21 items, with a Scratch M5 customized with the frame patterns.


The name of Zevra with 'v', like AURUM, has its origin and roots in Latin since it is how the animal, the zebra, was written and referred to.

Each frame have the signature of Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso, on both sides of the horizontal tube, as well as a distinctive with the edition number (01 to 21) that the client chooses.

It should be noted that they will all be assembled by hand at the AURUM factory in Pinto, Alberto Contador's hometown.


A series of unique details that, together, make this bike a true collector's item

The saddle is a Scratch M5 with custom pattern. The carbon base and rail make it very light, only 129 gr, without sacrificing comfort. It was developed together with the Polytechnic of Milano to guarantee the maximum technological innovation. 


The Eolo Kometa team also relies on Prologo, renewing their trust in us season after season.

Thanks Alberto and Ivan see you in the saddle!

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