How to mount handlebar tape on your road bike

The Handlebar Tape.

Comfort, grip, style, and safety: that's what a new or well-maintained tape on your road bike entails. From matching the color to the frame and/or saddle (ever seen our natural color kits?) to avoiding hand and wrist soreness.

There are many types of handlebar tape to choose from, depending on the needs of the individual: there are Gel models for those who want maximum comfort, those with minimum thickness to fully feel the bike, until you get to the tape with different sections to fit the low and high grip.

"But how often should I change it?" There is no fixed answer to this question. When the belt is ruined, starts to come off or is in bad condition you should certainly intervene and replace it. Otherwise you can change it anytime to redo the look of your favorite ride or to find the right combination of comfort.

How to change the handlebar tape on your road bike.

Replacing the is a very simple process if you follow the right directions. In 10 minutes you can change the look of your bike and be ready to take it on the road.

Inside the Prologo tapes package you will find:
  • Your two tapes, one for each section of the handlebars.
  • The caps: To be inserted under pressure at the end of the process.
  • The finishing tape : a kind of adhesive tape that you use to secure everything once wrapped.

Step 1: Remove the old tape and clean the handlebar

First you need to remove the old tape and make sure the handlebars are clean and free of glue residue, otherwise the installation of the new one will be compromised. A simple bike cleaner and a little elbow grease is all you need.

Once you're done cleaning, turn the rubber guards placed over the brakes on themselves and you're ready to get started.

Step 2: Laying

The only tool you'll need that isn't in the box is a pair of scissors, preferably electrician's scissors, to adjust the length of the tape.

Pull out the tape and unroll it. For a perfect pose keep these three rules in mind:

    1.  Start at the bottom of the handlebars and work your way up. Cut a piece diagonally at first to avoid an overabundance.
    2.  Roll the tape inward to prevent it from coming loose over time.
    3.  Never overlap the tape more than half of its section.

When you get close to the brake lever you need to go around it, as the Bahrain mechanic shows us in the video, to get maximum grip and adherence.

Finally, define how far you want to tape the handlebars at the top, near the hands when you are in high grip. When you get to the end cut the remaining tape and seal everything with the finishing tape in the box, going around the handlebars.

To finish apply the caps with the pressure of your hands, possibly leaving free the control of the gearbox.

All that remains is to repeat the process on the other side and enjoy the new look of the bike.

Have fun!

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