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Used in “F1” and in the military field CPC - connected Power Control is the system patented by Prologo that ensures performance and comfort providing vibration absorbing, grip and position stability. Thanks to its nano-structure, the special conical and hollow 3D polymer reduces muscle fatigue and facilitates air flow by reducing the temperature in the contact zone. CPC, moreover, positioned in strategic points, protects muscles, tendons and soft tissues from the stresses deriving “from the road” guaranteeing its performance in every climatic condition. Today it is used by the best Top Teams and athletes in the world, in all disciplines; CPC is the ultimate expression of performance and comfort.

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+ 15% Shock and Vibrations Absorbing

The CPC absorbs shocks and vibrations, reducing muscle fatigue

+ 15% Grip and Positioning

The design of the CPC creates a vacuum effect, ensuring a perfect grip

+10% Air Cooling

The geometry and disposition of the cones improve airflow, avoiding sweat and heat.



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Prologo products are used and loved by the best teams in the world