Prologo Flying F15H, the world's lightest and most aerodynamic saddle.

We had an ambitious goal, to design an ultra-light saddle that could defy the wind. We have not only succeeded, but we've outdone ourselves, making an innovative product that is affordable for everyone.

Revolutionary design

The new saddle was born from the design of the Prologo Scratch M5, an already established multi-disciplinary model, that in just few years has already achieved the major international victories on the road and off-road.

However, the design has been completely revolutionized, introducing for the first time in the market:

  • a monocoque base with an ultra-flat shape, able to reduce the drag coefficient almost to zero;
  • a new innovative and minimalist rail, fully integrated.

Cutting-edge materials for record weight

The utmost attention was also paid to materials research. The choice of carbon might have seemed obvious, but it did not live up to the goal we had set for ourselves: to make the lightest saddle in the world.

After several attempts, we chose one of the lightest materials available on the market, perfect for our needs.

The final result? We set the weight to only 5 g.


Having abandoned the original idea of 3D printing, we focused on a production process that was more innovative, faster and also less expensive.

A solution within everyone's reach, but one that no one had thought of before.

After months of testing and several prototypes, we are proud to finally present the new Prologo Flying F15H: the lightest and most aerodynamic saddle in the world.

The first one ever fully printed in 2D.

Technical specifications and market availability

The new Prologo Flying F15H will be available, for download, exclusively on Saturday, April 01, 2023.


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