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The most beautiful race in the most beautiful country.

Unlike other major tours, the modern edition of the Giro dItalia consists of 21 stages over a period of 23-24 days, including two or three rest days. The time for each stage is collected over the entire race and the rider who completes the whole course with the least overall time is the winner. A 1000-metre climb opens up the mountain stages of the race while the Donne ends with a massive climb that determines the first rider to wear the coveted pink jersey.


In 2021  it has crossed breath-taking scenarios, from the Sea in the South of Italy to the Mountains to the last stage in Piazza Duomo in Milan. The riders come along beautiful landscapes, unique enviroments (such as the Strade Bianche in Tuscany) and UNESCO monuments.


All of this was an extra motivation for the rider to deep into the tank: riding with this kind of scenario is motivating and inspirational. This is what is stated by Mattia Sobrero e Samuele Battistella, two Italian riders from Astana Premier tech.

For them, pedalling on their home streets with fans of their nationality on either side of the road was even more inspiring, as recounted in the video.

“As an Italian, I am very proud of the heritage we have at our disposal and being able to discover it while pedaling is something beautiful. The tour is the tour, only after the first week I understood what I was taking part in.”


“Sometimes it gets tough: the fatigue, the wind and the rain test you and you just want to finish as soon as possible. But then in the stage near home I felt the warmth and cheer of my villagers, it motivated me to keep going and reminded me why I do this sport."


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  • This is awesome. I watch it everyday. These guys understand that cycling is more than just the bike, and that they are privileged to have this experience. Ride well guys, love your passion.

    Aaron Stasi on

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