The road bike saddle chosen by Paolo Bettini | Prologo tips | Episode 6

Olympic gold medalist, two-time world champion, winner of Liege and of Il Lombardia. These are some of Bettini's many achievements. From champion and professional to passionate cyclist. The love for the bicycle is the same, but the pedaling style and performance have changed. As well as his saddle choice.

As a pro rider Bettini has covered a million km, pushing on the pedals and looking for maximum efficiency and power at all times. From him we discovered that, before the introduction of the short saddles, he even went so far as to saw their nose to have a more competitive set-up (find out more by clicking here) During this phase of his victorious career, the search for the perfect saddle was oriented towards lightness and stiffness of the base and carbon rails, towards the flat shape to be able to obtain an aggressive position and towards the comfort useful to overcome hours and hours sitting on the bike. His BMI was well defined by nutritionists and sports doctors, as was his training plan.

During those years, his choice would have fallen on the Scratch M5 with the Nack carbon rails, the same one used by Pogacar during his victorious Tour de France, perhaps with the innovative CPC technology. Or towards the Dimension 143 in carbon, rather than the Zero C3 or the Nago Evo CPC. All performance-oriented saddles used by the riders of the more than 25 professional teams sponsored by Prologo.

Today, however, Paolo Bettini is a cycling enthusiast, his competitive veins have given way to wanting to enjoy the ride, from more than 30,000 km per year of intense training to today's 10,000 km. From a defined BMI to a different body composition. From marginal gains to comfort.

For this reason, Bettini today chooses Dimension 143: an innovative product in terms of size, design and ergonomic shape, suitable for all disciplines and perfect for both men and women. Dimension is synonymous with comfort, performance and lightness. The combination of the short nose (35mm less) and the PAS system eliminates pressure peaks resulting from an aerodynamic position, ensuring regular blood flow. Available with Carbon Nack, light alloy steel (Tirox) or Chrome (T4.0) rails.

The larger seating area (width 143mm) allows for a uniform distribution of body weight. The Dimension saddle has been tested and developed in collaboration with the best international professional teams to ensure a saddle suitable for all users.

Same person, two different moments in the career, one brand.

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