Short vs long saddles: what are the differences? | Prologo Tips | Episode 2 W/ Paolo Bettini.

Prologo was the pioneer in launching the short saddle, making it a trend on the market, and today we have complete ranges of ergonomic saddles, such as the Dimension, Scratch and Proxim family.

After many years of long saddles, the introduction of the short variant brought numerous advantages and no side effects, no matter the discipline: road bike, MTB and triathlon and E-bike.

Speaking about the size, Prologo's ergonomic saddles have a length of about 25 cm, compared to the previous 27-28 cm. The rear area becomes wider switching from 134mm to at least 140mm.

There are plenty of benefits related to these changes. A shorter sitting axle, together with more width, helps the cyclist to have a more efficient position, reducing pressure peaks, numbness and ensuring a greater support surface for ischial bones. Of course, the whole thing must be accompanied by the right position on the bike.

The shorter nose makes possible a more efficient aerodynamic position, eliminating all pressure peaks and numbness in the perineal area. Many modern bikes in the range have aero and aggressive geometries, so having a saddle that matches these shapes is fundamental.

This is why so many professionals who use Prologo products have chosen the "ergonomic revolution". This also makes it easier to reach the low position on the handlebars, decreasing friction with the air.

The main doubt that many had at the time the short saddles appeared was about "moving on the saddle". In fact, it was thought that less surface meant less freedom of movement. The right fact is that short saddle eliminates only "inefficient" movements, ensuring a more effective and safer ride, without any power dispersion on the pedals.

Besides, Prologo's patented "Multi-Sector-System" divides the saddle into five independent islands with different shore densities Each one can adapt to the different position that a cyclist takes during the bike ride.

In the end, we can confirm that short saddles and applied technologies make the position more efficient, sustainable through activity time and allow you to use the surface in its entire extension. These products are capable of making greater use of the dynamic aero geometries without losing comfort.

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