Cutout vs closed saddles, which is better for your bike? | Prologo tips | Episode 3 with Paolo Bettini

The cut out is useful in lightening the pressure on the perineal area, as well as on the pudendal nerve that crosses those areas. This doesn’t mean, however, that a closed saddle is less comfortable or efficient than a one with a relief channel. The choice of this spec is influenced by some variables.

When we evaluate the choice of the cutout, which Prologo calls PAS (perineal area system), the first elements to consider are individual morphology and bike geometry, as well as the riding style. Nowadays, we incorrectly associate the use of a cut-out with a only positive effect on cyclist comfort, but in reality, this is not always the case... so let’s analyze the pros and cons of having an open or a closed saddle.

The cut out becomes very useful for those who have problems in the perineal area, with painful past experiences or soft tissue numbness. This saddle spec doesn’t have some counter-indications, but it’s clear that its presence drastically reduces the support area of the saddle and also leads to increased pressure for our ischiatic support.

On the other hand, a closed saddle ensures a greater surface area and so better distribution of pressures.

Another element to consider is the geometry of the bicycle and the pedaling style: a marked difference in height between saddle and handlebars due to an aerodynamic geometry or high pelvic flexibility (element measured by Prologo's My own system) determine greater pressure on the pelvic floor, making the use of a PAS saddle useful. Users who have a more Touring and relaxed style will exert less pressure on the perineum.

Gender is a very important factor too: the retreat of the female genital zone related to the male zone leads to increased pressure for ladies. In this case, PAS can play an important role.

In order to enjoy the benefits of drain channel on a closed saddle, Prologo has created on its ergonomic products the innovative Active Base System. This solution consists of a perforated but coated base able to discharge the pressure and at the same time offer pas benefits. This solution becomes useful especially in gravel and offroad, as it protects you from mud and water raised by the wheel offering at the same time greater ventilation.

Before the choice of a saddle with the channel or without it is necessary to evaluate some elements, such as your body structure, riding experience, bike geometry, and riding style. It is always better to rely on the fitting system, which is able to highlight all these elements

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