The perfect saddle for women and men | Prologo Tips | Episode 4 w/ Paolo Bettini

The male and female anatomy are certainly different, but these body variations impact the way you ride less than you are led to think. Today's technology allows to create a system that adapts to the anatomy and style of the cyclist.

For many years studies and products were directed only to a male audience. With the opening to the female world, specific products were born and now Prologo proposes unisex solutions.

The first thing you think about when talking about a women's saddle is the width of the pelvis. In fact, female anatomy involves a greater distance between ischial bones in relation to the volume of the pelvis. Since the latter is on average less voluminous than a man pelvis, the absolute width remains very similar.

The difference between the two types of pelvises is the natural rotation: the female pelvic bone is more forwarded (women are also generally more elastic than men). A marked rotation can orient towards the choice of flat or semi-round saddles and to use a product with the cut-out: a more rotated position means in fact more pressure on the perineal area.

The most important difference refers to the genital area: the women's constitution makes them more oriented to numbness and pain while seated on the saddle. This aspect brings women, according to their riding style, towards the choice of an open saddle.

Prologo’s ergonomic saddles, shorter and wider, were born to be unisex. Closed or open, their shapes and characteristics are able to adapt to different anatomies. For those with a higher volume of the pelvis, specific saddles have been developed. We are talking about M5 Space and the Dimension Space, designed to add more padding and space to avoid rubbing of ischial bones.

The choice of the saddle, for men or women, is certainly conditioned by anatomical factors, but less than we are led to think. The main differences lie in the rotation of the pelvis and the conformation of the genitals; these elements, compared with other stable factors, can direct women towards the choice of a cut-out saddle. Other differences are minimal variations related to men's data.

Prologo’s products, with their technologies, shapes and ergonomic design, are the ideal unisex solution, presenting versions with both central holes and without it. These two versions are capable to adapt to every single type of cyclist. It remains essential to evaluate factors such as riding style, bike geometry and final use that will be made of the saddle. These parameters can be explored and analyzed with the My own fitting system.

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