How to choose the right saddle in 4 steps | Prologo tips | Episode 1

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Choosing the best fitting saddle is essential to fully enjoy the pedaling experience. Making a mistake can lead to problems, pain or weak performance. When you decide which model to consider, it is important to evaluate various factors and rely on scientific fitting systems. Those are capable to determine with accuracy the variables that influence the key features we are looking for. Prologo’s “Myown” system (present in the authorized dealers) allows you to acquire all the necessary information in a fast and easy way. There are four key elements to consider:

  1. Type of discipline and experience level of the rider.
  2. Ischial bones width
  3. Hip Flexibility
  4. BMI (body max index)

Firstly, you need to consider the type of discipline and your level. In the first case, we focus on the use and related features that have to be a “must” for the product: from the need to pushing the bike and being dynamic in the off-road riding, to maintaining the most stable and strong position during a time trial. Let's think about the road bike saddle for example: it must be light, guarantee comfort and at the same time be able to offer an aggressive position when necessary.

The second step to consider is the width of the ischial bones; in other words, your support on the saddle. An unsuitable saddle width can cause pressure or pain, not giving solid and efficient support. Prologo’s Myown system allows you to know this value quickly and simply through a gel seat that highlights the pelvis pushing points.

Prologo - How to choose the right saddle in 4 steps | Prologo tips | Episode 1

The third element to consider is the pelvis flexibility in terms of rotation; starting from this value we can determine the saddle shape: round, semi-round or flat.

For reduced flexibility a round saddle is ideal, as it supports the natural rotation of the pelvis and prevents annoying problems and pains in the lumbar area. On the contrary, high flexibility is combined with a flat saddle. In this case the user owns the morphology to reach more aggressive positions without problems. Flexibility, as will be seen in the following videos, is useful for understanding what your next saddle will be: open or closed. In fact, a great or reduced rotation also determines a high or low pressure in the perineal area.

Prologo - How to choose the right saddle in 4 steps | Prologo tips | Episode 1

Last but not least, there is the BMI value (or body mass index). The BMI is the ratio of weight to the square root of height. If it normally related to the athlete's ideal body health, but it is an important reference that also indicates the pressure value that is exerted on the saddle. The higher the BMI value is, the higher the pressure will be. So, the user will choose a wider and/or more padded saddle to obtain a better load distribution.

As we have seen, there are so many variables to consider. The software of the Prologo’s fitting system uses specific algorithms to combine the various results and determine the ideal saddle in a very simple way.

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