Scratch EVA

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Rail Nack
Colore Nero
  • Sizes: 250x140mm

  • Saddle weight with nack rail: 178gr

  • Saddle weight with tirox rail: 226gr

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Scratch EVA the first Prologo’s ergonomic saddle for women.

For years Prologo has studied the anatomy of the female body, working closely with top UCI Women’s Worldteam and UCI Women’s Continental Team, with one ambitious goal: to ensure that every woman could ride like a true champion.

The invaluable collaboration with Marta, who used the prototypes of the new saddle incognito first in training and then in the race, helped Prologo to perfect the model day by day, until the final success: the victories at Amstel Gold Race and Fleche Wallonne, won by Marta riding one of these prototypes!

From these premises and victories, the new Prologo Scratch EVA is born, an ergonomic saddle with a racing DNA made exclusively for the women. Designed to support the performance of both Word Tour champions and the most demanding female cyclists looking for maximum comfort even on long rides.

Anatomical shape specifically designed for the female body

The new Scratch EVA partially reflects the ergonomic T-shape of Scratch M5, a unisex multi- disciplinary saddle that has been already distinguished itself at the highest level on road and off- road, winning in recent years: two Tour de France, the Monuments and several Cross Country World Cup races.

However, the anatomical shape of the new Scratch EVA has been redesigned to better fit the female body by moving the saddle’s "anatomical center" 5mm forward. This solution allows the seat to be moved forward, thus increasing the support surface for the female pelvis, which is wider than the male.

The result? A new saddle that is still high performance, but even more comfortable, with compact dimensions (250mm x 140mm) that nevertheless allow good freedom of movement for pedaling with maximum efficiency in every position, from the most relaxed to the most aggressive.

Variable density padding and center channel

EVA denomination, in addition to referencing the Italian name of the first woman, also comes from the material of the padding, which is made of EVA foams with variable density according to the different areas of the saddle.

In the back, where the ischial bones rest, the padding is thicker and made from a high-density foam that can offer the most support.

In contrast, in the middle and front, where the soft tissues rest, there is a thinner padding made from a low-density foam to minimize pressure peaks.

This difference in thickness and density creates a channel in the center of the saddle, with a large, extremely soft bearing surface. A targeted design choice to adapt and optimize the seat to the female anatomy, thus eliminating numbness, pain, and avoids reduction of blood circulation.

Under the center channel, the Scratch EVA also features Prologo's characteristic Active Base System: a base with a hole in the center, which further relieves pressure and thus increases comfort while pedaling.

Finally, the front end of the saddle has been widened by about 10mm and tilted downward to ensure a good support surface even in those situations, such as steep climbs, where it is necessary to pedal by sitting on the nose.

Bases and Rails for different needs

Like most Prologo saddles, the Scratch EVA is available in multiple versions to suit different needs.

For the female riders more oriented to performance, looking for a rigid and light weight saddle, there is a version with a Nack (Nano Carbon Fiber) rail composed by carbon fiber, kevlar and aluminum filaments. A rail already widely adopted by Prologo for all top-of-the-line models, which reduces the saddle's overall weight to 183 gr.

For those looking for more comfort, however, a second version is available, weighing 232gr, with TiroX rail made of light alloy steel, a material with an excellent balance between weight and strength, giving the saddle less stiffness and superior vibration absorption.