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Scratch M5, the saddle used by Haterly, Andreassen and Fumic.

Scratch M5 is the new line of saddles that uses 4.0 technologies; innovative in terms of size, shape and ergonomics, they are suitable for many uses and disciplines: Road and Offroad.

Thanks to its new ergonomic design and size the Scratch M5 PAS is suitable for Man and women. The size is 250 x 140mm and the weights vary depending on the model: the Carbon Nack version is only 132gr. 

Speaking about the size, Prologo's ergonomic saddles have a length of about 25 cm, compared to the previous 27-28 cm. The rear area becomes wider switching from 134mm to at least 140mm.

Prologo was the pioneer in launching the short saddle, making it a trend on the market,

After many years of long saddles, the introduction of the short variant brought numerous advantages and no side effects, no matter the discipline: road bike, MTB and triathlon, and E-bike.

There are plenty of benefits related to these changes. A shorter sitting axle, together with more width, helps the cyclist to have a more efficient position, reducing pressure peaks, numbness and ensuring a greater support surface for ischial bones. Of course, the whole thing must be accompanied by the right position on the bike.

The new MSS- Multi-Sector System, designed in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milano, improves comfort and performance. The active foams, separated from each other, create five mapped zones that work individually, supporting the normal pedaling movement both during the pushing and pulling phases. The round shape of the Scratch M5 PAS allows the pelvis to rotate naturally, creating stability and support for the lumbar areas; it also favors the distribution of pressure over a larger surface.

There are two versions of the Scratch M5: with and without the cutout.

In the first case there the PAS system: The PAS (Perineal Area System) is a channel designed to eliminate pressure peaks and numbness, improving blood flow. Its particular ergonomic design, assisted by variable density foams, eliminates contact points in the prostatic-genital area. The PAS channel is ideal for users who prefer performance combined with comfort over long and medium distances.

The closed saddle has the Active base system: Despite the absence of a real perineal channel, the saddle has an open base able to eliminate pressure peaks in the genital pelvic area. The closure of the prostate zone also offers better protection against extreme climatic conditions (rain or mud).

Scratch X8, the saddle used by Henrique Avancini

For those looking for a standard-size off-road saddle, Henrique avancini chooses the Scratch X8.

The SCRATCH X8 is a unisex round saddle ideal for medium-long distances. Off-road specific, this model has a shape and padding that is refined for 80-100mm travel mountain bikes and XC applications.

The wider nose ensures a better distribution of the pressures.

This model is available with the carbon of alloy rails, to satisfy every need: from lightness to resistance


For a smooth ride the CFR, relies on the Piquet CPC. Lightweight and resistant, they feature the CPC technology patented exclusively by Prologo for the world of cycling.

The 3D silicone cones of the CPC are applied in the strategic areas of the gloves to improve grip, comfort and absorb vibrations, avoiding pain in the joints. Laboratory tests show a -15% reduction in vibrations absorbed using CPC.

It is no coincidence that these gloves are also used by other prestigious names such as KMC Orbea, team Santa Cruz - FSA and others.

The Grips.

The mastery, together with the Feather, are among the most present grips in the MTB world cup competitions.

The mastery has a smaller diameter (26.4), designed for those looking for absolute lightness. In different colors to match any frame. The Feather has a larger diameter and a foam material to ensure a firm grip in any situation, without sacrificing weight (only 11g).

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