KMC Orbea bike check w/ Milan Vader

Milan Vader, Dutch national champion and # 2 in the UCI Ranking, explains why he chose to mount our Scratch M5. with carbon rail on his racing Orbea.

Despite his young age, Milan Vader of the KMC Orbea team has already worn the Dutch champion jersey and has been on the podium of the world cup several times. Teammate of absolute talents, he is one of the most consistent riders on the international scene. We all remember his arrival in wheelie at XCC in Nove Mesto 2021, where he took third place.

Its racing partner is the full suspended Orbea Oiz, a super light racing machine (the frame weighs only 830gr) that needs the right components to be able to express its full performance. So let's discover the Prologo products chosen by Milan for the 2021 MTB season.

The saddle.

“Finally with Prologo I have no more problems and I feel that I can transmit all the power to the pedals, this is how Milan begins talking about his Scratch M5.

Closed saddle (also available in the open version) it has ergonomic dimensions (250x140mm)

 It is the short saddle most loved by the Pros of each discipline (Discover the characteristics of the short saddles here).

The Nack carbon rail maintains maximum lightness and power. The MSS system developed with the Polytechnic of Milan consists of five independent areas on the saddle, each with its own foam and density to best adapt to the cyclist's anatomy and positions.

In the closed version there is the Active Base System: a perforated but covered base, which allows to release pressure while maximizing the useful seating area.


For a smooth ride Vader, like all the KMC Orbea team, relies on the Piquet CPC. Lightweight and resistant, they feature the CPC technology patented exclusively by Prologo for the world of cycling.

The 3D silicone cones of the CPC are applied in the strategic areas of the gloves to improve grip, comfort and absorb vibrations, avoiding pain in the joints. Laboratory tests show a -15% reduction in vibrations absorbed using CPC.

It is no coincidence that these gloves are also used by other prestigious names such as Cannondale Factory Racing team, Santa Cruz - FSA and others.

The Grips.

The mastery, together with the Feather, are among the most present grips in the MTB world cup competitions.

The mastery has a smaller diameter (26.4), designed for those looking for absolute lightness. In different colors to match any frame. The Feather has a larger diameter and a foam material to ensure a firm grip in any situation, without sacrificing weight (only 11g).

Good luck to Milan and to all the KMC Orbea team for the next appointments.

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