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Cannondale Factory Racing Team - Farewell to a Champion, Manuel Fumic

Manuel Fumic, after a wonderful 23 year long career has finally decided to retire from the Cannondale Factory Racing Team and the competitive Mountain Bike Cross Country scene.

"It has been a wonderful ride for me. In 23 years of racing on 4 continents, I have seen so many changes in the sport and in myself. It's been a long time since I have been able to enjoy it as much as I have lately. I am looking forward to more family time with my wife and kids, taking the bike out on weekends not just on training rides."


Cannondale factory Racing announced that Manuel Fumic has retired. Manuel has been racing for Cannondale since 2011. Soon after the official announcement the German rider has told the news on his social channels. Due to an broken hand, as a consequence of a fall during the World Cup in Val di Sole, he had to anticipate his goodbye, missing his last dance with Henrique Avancini at the Cape Epic.

Manuel's team and coaches helped him stay at the top of his game, but as he aged, he found that he needed more time to recover. His final race was the World Championships in Innsbruck, Austria.

Reaction from the bike world.

Manuel Fumic has been with Cannondale Factory Racing Team since its inception in 2002. He raced for the team until this year when he retired, but his accomplishments will always be remembered. Manuel won two World Championships under the Cannondale flag and was a valuable trade representative for te brand around the world. I'm sure Cannondale Factory Racing Team found it hard to let him go after so many years of success.

His career

“When I first started MTB I never thought I would be a professional one day, I was just enjoying the moment. Then you start going farther and farther, pushing yourself until you feel that the fire is burning.”

He has come a long way, from discovering the beauty of MTB thanks to his brother, with whom he began to pedal to a career spanning more than 20 years, with several national titles and other high-level achievements.

His relationship with Avancini

Perhaps there isn't a more iconic duo than Fumic and Avancini, who together have battled in hundreds of races and taken part in one of the toughest events on the entire Marathon calendar: The Cape Epic.      

The infamous South African race has seen the two champions in P5, P4, P3 and P2, always with a smile and the desire to share good memories together.

Just the experience and the sharing are what has motivated Manuel (Manu) in these years. Being together with his teammates, training and competing while reliving the good times in front of a coffee.    

"A photo that represents who Manuel Fumic is? A photo of us in a coffee shop, with our bikes next to each other. You can tell we have been pedaling, but at the end of the day we are together sharing good moments."     

Thank you Manuel for the good moments you made us live, a champion with a smile!

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