A successful season enclosed in special editions

At Prologo we have always linked our name and our products to cycling champions and talents of every discipline, to develop the best possible cycling experience.

The athletes and teams we collaborate with are not just "contracts" useful for visibility, they are the heart of the company, the additional factor that allows us to see further, to get excited every day and to fully understand what it means to live the cycling world

We suffer with the riders, we share the joys and sorrows watching the television or the finish line with our hearts in our throats.

For us cycling is not only competition, watts and sweat, but it is above all the emotions that the riders make us live and remember.

That's why when a rider achieves an important result we celebrate it together with a Special Edition, to realize our gratitude and create a symbol that reminds the athlete and the whole world what is possible to achieve with commitment and dedication.

We did it for Contador, for Sagan, for Alberto Bettiol after his Tour of Flanders and for many others.

Selle Edizione Speciale Bettiol Giro delle Fiandre

Pauline Ferrand Prevot, the panther hunting for trophies.

Self-described as a "panther on the hunt, elegant but determined" Pauline began her season wearing the rainbow jersey as world champion, then added the European colours to her palmarès.

Eclectic and multidisciplinary, Pauline has worn countless times the national and world colours in the different disciplines she faces, from Road, MTB to XC. Sometimes even simultaneously.

Pauline Ferrandt Prevot MTB

To celebrate this absolute talent Prologo and BMC have developed a custom graphic, designed and produced by the Italian artist "No Curves" to be added to the frame and saddle of Pauline's Fourstroke and Twostroke

Pauline BMC

A new style, aggressive but elegant to celebrate a unique personality. As reiterated by BMC, the graphics contain five curiosities within them:

  • ·         The range of colors she uses in her rainbow stripes, representing all the continents, is Pauline's fiery character
  • ·         Not only is there a nod to the bikes natural terrain, the mountains depicted at the intersection of the down tube and seat tube represent the new challenge with BMC, the ups and downs of the sport and how easy it is to go from one to the other
  • ·         The panther on the head tube represents Pauline: super calm on the outside but with an inner grit ready to spring forth on race day
  • ·         The BMC logo stays true to its DNA on the down tube but is flanked by Pauline on the chainstay and a discreet NO CURVES signature
  • ·         Ensuring full compliance with the UCI World Champion bands was worth a bit of work and fits well with NO CURVES' "tape art" approach. Each band is 8mm wide

The saddle is Dimension NDR with Nack Carbon rails. It is a short and ergonomic/unisex saddle that measures 245x143mm and weighs only 159gr. The PAS (Perineal Area System) relief channel is meant to relieve pressure spikes and numbness while riding.

Pauline wanted this model because of its versatility: she likes to remain stable when riding uphill, but at the same time the Dimension NDR offers the freedom to move freely during the increasingly technical descents of Cross Country races.

One thing we're sure of: given Pauline's character and talent, we'll probably see more special editions in her name.

Tadej Pogacar, one-two punch

Now if you say "Tour de France" you say "Tadej Pogacar" since the young Slovenian has dominated the competition in the last two years, grabbing stage victories and jerseys of every colour. His freshness, humility and light-heartedness have led him to be the public's favourite, as it's not everyone who wins two Tours and gets excited in front of the cameras, speaking with transparency and friendliness.

Tadej Pogacar Bike

After 2020 we asked the young champion to tell his story: from his beginnings in cycling to the emotions of wearing the yellow jersey, from the time trial at Les Planche des Belles Filles to the catwalk in the middle of the Champs-Élysées with his fantastic teammates.

It all started in the family, when a young Tadej wanted to follow in his brother's footsteps and start pedalling. Who would have thought that the little boy who rode an aluminium bike and fell because he couldn't unhook the pedals would become the king of Paris?

In 2021 before the start of the Grand Boucle we wanted to create two special editions just for him to celebrate this feat.

The first is the custom saddle with the Slovenian flag and his logo, given to him after the finish line on the Champs-Élysées and used since then in all his races and training sessions.

The yellow detail is the indelible mark of his triumph. The symbols have been chosen directly by him, so that he can always remember the emotions he experienced.

10 Limited Edition pieces have been sold, accompanied by an exceptional packaging and a postcard hand-signed by the champion himself, and immediately after his historic double win another 10 pieces.

There are therefore only 20 in the world, plus the pieces that the young Slovenian uses every day in training and competition.

Pogacar Tour de France Saddle

The second was created for the 2021 edition of the Tour and sold in 100 pieces in the best stores in the world, as a celebration of the most important event of the year that has made us so excited.

pogacar Saddle

Both versions are a graphic update of the Scratch M5, the saddle most loved by road and mountain bike professionals, thanks to its versatility.

Short saddle (250x140mm) represents the future of ergonomic evolution, offering more stability and reducing inefficient movements of the rider. NACK carbon base and rails (also available in light alloy steel) guarantee maximum power and pedalling efficiency.

The Multi Sector System (MSS) developed together with the Polytechnic di Milano divides the saddle into five independent sections, both in terms of foam and density, allowing the saddle to adapt to different anatomical conformations and movements of the athlete, making the Scratch M5 a unisex choice.

Available in both closed and with the cut out versions to best suit any need, as well as with an increased width of 146mm and more padding, for those looking for more comfort.

The saddle of the champions developed with the champions.

Elisa Balsamo and Filippo Baroncini, on the highest step of the world.

"It is the dream of every cyclist to wear this jersey, I worked hard for it. I knew it wasn't easy, but we did it."

It is with shiny, dreamy eyes that Elisa, of Valcar - Travel and Service tells us how she happened to dream a few times of wearing the rainbow colors of a world champion.

"It's something incredible, I dreamed about it a few nights, and now it's real...."

The saddle chosen to celebrate the world champion is the Dimension NDR carbon Nack. It is the stylistic and technical evolution of the Dimension 143, the most beloved saddle for pro' men and women.

The Dimension NDR is a slightly more padded saddle, 3 millimetres more than the previous model. Designed for those who like to feel more support and better cushioning of asphalt unevenness.

The graphics have been designed to match the special edition bike that Cannondale has reserved for the women's Paris Roubaix. A unique white and rainbow piece designed specifically for the italian rider. A tribute and a greeting from Cannnondale and Prologo to a champion who from 2022 will start a new adventure.

Filippo Baroncini U23 World Champion

Same for the U23 World Champion Filippo Baroncini, of Team Colpack Ballan, who has been able to surprise everyone with a great race and a well-planned strategy. He too closed his 2021 season with a Scratch M5 customized with his name and colours that every cyclist dreams of wearing.

A season full of emotions and victories, under the sign of a cycling back to normal. Thank you all for what we experienced together, it was an honour.

Ready for 2022.

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