Prologo and Nextale, a partnership of excellence

Excellence: this is the watchword that triggered the spark between Prologue and Nextale, the new manufacturer of E-bike Made in Italy based in Maranello, Modena.

The story of Nextale begins during the Covid-19 pandemic, when Antonio Verri, owner of Vietrovi srl, a company with 40 years of experience in the context of mechanical processes, decides that the time has come to take the big step: create A proper product.

Vietvi, which today operates in the study and production of prototypes and small series in the Airospace, Medical and Formula 1 sectors therefore makes available to the spin off Nextal engineers, designers, skills, production site and capital. The premises for the birth of a very high quality bicycle brand, designed to give a driving experience and unique versatility, therefore, are all there.

The choice of Nextale was immediately to focus on the growing e-bike segment and, in particular, of the EMTB. And therefore, the idea of ​​a hardtail frame characterized by a wide use of components worked at the CNC, thanks to the experience of the Vietravi workshop, will take shape. The result is a frame without frills and of the great personality, just like Prologo products, but above all, a product devoted to maximum performance, regardless of whether the user is a professional or an amateur.

It was precisely this unit of vision in terms of quality and performance in the cycling field that brought prologue and Nextale closer in a completely natural way. An approach that led to the choice of the components of the first prologue prologue for both versions of the first born in the Nextal house, the E-bike Hardtail Spirit, in Version Experience (base) and Special (top of the range).

Selle Proxim W650 and W450 for the nextale Spirit

One of the most viewed components of the bicycle is the saddle, and Nextale has chosen for her Spirit The dedicated products of the Prologo E-bike line, finding the perfect solution for the first assembly both for the entry version and for the high -end version, without ever compromising on quality.

The choice then fell on the saddle Prologo Proxim W650 Performance from 155mm, for its more aggressive and without compromised look, and on the saddle Prologo Proxim W450 Sport Always from 155mm, for its excellent value for money.

These saddles are the flagship of a high quality product that immediately collected not only the favors of customers, but also a success to the debut to the Italian electric cross country championship with the Athlete Carmine del Riccio.

Prologo in the Nextal Multichannel program

Nextale is not only an E-bike brand, but it is also a new way of experiencing the purchase experience of premium cycling products.

This vision wants that the cyclist who seeks maximum performance has the opportunity to try the products, to realize firsthand the quality of what he is buying.

For this reason, Nextale decided to invest immediately in a "point of experience", a physical shop located in Maranello, in the heart of the Motor Valley, where every enthusiast has the possibility to try free or rental the Nextal e-bikes and all the products of First assembly of partner brands as a prologue.

In the Nextal experience points, other products of the selected brand partners are also displayed and purchasable to meet the needs of all cyclists, even those interested in products other than those presented of first assembly on Nextal bicycles.

Nextale also started its e-commerce Nextale shop Where prologue products are presented with complete and available descriptions for immediate shipment throughout Italy and Europe, directly from the Nextale stock.

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