Proxim: the official saddles of Enduro World Series and E-EWS

The EWS and the E-EWS

The Enduro World Series and the EWS-E are the vanguard of international mountain bike racing. Since 2013, the series has been responsible for pushing MTB design further and further in terms of speed and endurance.

Bikes to compete in the Enduro World Series require the utmost attention to detail. Strength must be tempered with lightness and ergonomics that allow the rider to focus on the fastest lines, all the way to the final stage.

The capabilities of enduro bikes are constantly expanding, and by competing all over the world, on all kinds of terrain, in all kinds of weather, the Enduro World Series never stops redefining what's possible on a mountain bike.

Prologo and Proxim

At Prologo, we are pioneers, not followers. For years we've been creating the perfect riding experience, pushing the boundaries further, and seeking new levels of performance. Prologo saddles and sponsored athletes have won everything in the road, TT and XC worlds, the only trophy we're missing is the Enduro one, but not for long.

Our experience in the world of road and racing was then transferred to the world of Gravity and e-gravity, creating the innovative line of unisex and multi-category saddles: Proxim powered by Prologo. Born for the e-bike, perfect for every session, preferably uphill and downhill.

This new line has been developed together with two big names: One is the Politecnico di Milano, the largest technical university in Italy, the other is Marco Aurelio Fontana: former pro rider now engaged in the world of e-bikes. The researchers helped us develop the MSS, a multi-sector system that divides the saddle into five different zones with different densities and foams to support the different movements of the cyclist.

Fontana tested the technologies during his trainings and races, giving us precious feedback to develop a high-end and specific product. With these premises the Proxim line will be for three consecutive years the official partner of the Enduro and E-enduro world series saddles, supporting the whole gravity movement and its riders.

A special collaboration whose goal is to support the whole Enduro movement and its athletes, but also to get further feedback to develop the best products. From Prologo's manufacturing experience to the insights of the best athletes and fans in this world.

The Product

Thanks to this experience, the Proxim range consists of 7 different models, which offer different options in terms of width, structure and cushioning. The line is divided into two precise categories: Performance and Sport.

The former features narrower saddles with higher performance rails and grip coverage to maximize stability. The Sport category consists of more padded and wider models.

W650 performance

The top of the range is the Proxim W650 performance, available in two widths: 145 and 155 mm. The fork is in Tirox steel alloy to preserve lightness and resistance. The MSS (Multi Sector System) was developed together with the Politecnico di Milano and divides the saddle into 5 separate and independent sections that adapt to the different positions of the rider.

Finally, the drainage channel (PAS) designed by Prologo eliminates discomfort and numbness by promoting blood flow. In the Sport version, the rail is made of chrome-plated steel and the width is fixed at 155 mm.



The W450 presents the same technological innovation in terms of rail and MSS system, but it is a closed version with the Active Base System, a system that allows to combine the advantages of the exhaust channel and a closed saddle: the base is hollow but covered, to eliminate pressure peaks and at the same time maximize the available surface and protect the rider from mud and water splashes.


Finally, the W400, both in the Performance (153 mm wide) and Sport (163 mm wide) versions, and the W350 conclude the line to offer maximum comfort to those approaching the world of Ebike and gravity.

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