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The young champion stopped by near Milan to visit our new operations, management and logistics center.

Tadej Pogacar winner of the 2020 -2021 Tour de France, years in which he also wore simultaneously the jerseys of best climber and best young rider came to visit the new offices of before embarking on a new edition of the Grand Boucle.

Tadej Pogacar Prologo Office

The relationship with Pogacar, the UAE Emirates team, and the Colnago brand is now well established going back many years. In fact, Colnago was one of the first to work with Prologo, and this long-term partnership has since resulted in the sponsorship of the team that is now among the strongest in the world.

However, Tadej and his staff came not just for a courtesy visit, but for two very specific reasons: To collect his custom and lightened saddle and a gift dedicated to him.

The Custom Saddle

After the success of the 2020 Tour, we produced exclusively for the champion a version with custom graphics of his favorite saddle, the Nack carbon Scratch M5. The additional details were designed to celebrate Tadej, his country and the Champs Élysées finish line. Since then Pogacar has used this custom piece in every one of his races: Tour de France 2021 - Strade Bianche - Liège Bastogne Liège and many others. In the past years we have only offered for sale 20 pieces of this model, making it one of a kind in the world.

Today this saddle with the special graphics has been further lightened to ensure that the team's Colnago is ready in every aspect for the challenges ahead. A new structural process and use of carbon to eliminate 30 gr from the already very light previous model. (142 vs 172 gr.)

Another yellow icon

The second gift we wanted to give Tadej and his fiancée is another yellow icon. Specifically, an original Vespa 50 Special refurbished in its various parts and painted in a yellow Tour de France color.

Special graphics have been added to celebrate the champion, his team, and his victory so that even and especially in their leisure moments he and his girlfriend can enjoy this gift while remembering that with hard work and perseverance great results can be achieved. "Work hard play hard."

This gift was not given by chance. We knew that Tadej is a Vespa enthusiast, and in fact right after the Tour de France 2021 he had given a model to each of his teammates as a gift to thank them for the great work they did during the very tiring and very difficult days of the grand boucle, which we remember was one of the toughest and most difficult both because of the weather conditions and because of incidents on the route such as the unfortunately famous "allez opi mi" sign incident.

This was a welcome gift that brought a touch of yellow to Tadej's day and allowed us once again to renew our congratulations and kudos to this young champion, his team, the Colnago brand and all the staff for the emotions and joys they have given us and that we are sure they will still give us.

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