First Look: Proxim EWS, the official Enduro saddle.

Anyone who knows and loves the world of road biking will immediately recognise the Prologo brand, which is used by the best teams. Just to give an example, the last two editions of the Tour de France were won by Pogacar on a Prologo saddle customised especially for him. Also in the XC world the "Big-O" is immediately identified, athletes such as Avancini, Pauline Prevot and Maxime Marotte in fact choose saddles and grips from the Italian company.

For those who breathe the Gravity and Enduro environment it's more likely to hear about the Proxim line powered by Prologo, developed with the excellences of the technological and gravity world to break away from Prologo's road soul.

Born in 2018 in collaboration with Polytechnic di Milano, Italy's largest engineering university, the Proxim line powered by Prologo is designed for the Enduro and E-enduro world in a racing and leisure perspective. Lightweight, durable and ergonomically shaped to ensure maximum control on the downhill sections and maximum comfort while riding.


Today it is the saddle line used by GT Factory Racing team and Lapierre Overvolt Team. The latter includes the key figure of Nicolas Vouilloz, 10 times DH world champion and overall champion of the 2021 E-EWS, who thanks to his experience and attention to detail is a key tester in developing a high-end products.

Among the many insights Nico revealed, the theme of "key zones" stood out. In addition to the classic characteristics of a saddle, a product dedicated to gravity needs circumscribed areas dedicated to the prevention of injuries and the ergonomics of riding. This approach allows the brief to be broken down into different steps, making the design result more focused and precise. Nico's meticulous attitude did not just refer to the product, but added further value to the development process used by Prologo


The Gt Factory Racing team, on the other hand, is home to eight talented bike riders, including the incredible personality of Wyn masters, who helps counterbalance Nicolas' maniacal precision with the "Good Times" spirit that distinguishes the team, making the Proxim both capable of competing at the limits of performance and of being used by those with a carefree, fun-loving style.


Ambassadors such as Marco Aurelio Fontana, Joey Foresta and others have also chosen Proxim saddles.

Not only athletes and teams, Proxim is the official saddle of the EWS and E-EWS circuit, used by all the staff of the Enduro Sport Organization to collect further feedback in a continuous search for excellence.

A collaboration that has come to fruition with the creation of the Proxim W450 x EWS. This short, half-round saddle (240x145mm) features the MSS technology developed by the Politecnico di Milano: different mapped and separated zones on the saddle each composed of different interactive foams and padding. These "islands" work autonomously, adapting to all the positions the cyclist can assume while pedalling.

The rail is made of Tirox light alloy steel, offering strength, flexibility and lightness (225gr).

The cover is made of grippy material to help you steer the bike downhill and find your position easily. There are the graphic patterns typical of the EWS, the famous contour lines that symbolize the beautiful mountain stages, as well as the official logo.

The official launch is scheduled to coincide with the Tweed Valley stage, where the world's best champions will compete in the first real competitive event of the season. This special edition will be available for purchase in the official EWS shop:


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