Prologo Energrip Gloves: Like no other.

Years of victories, medals and collaborations with cycling legends have allowed us to introduce new technologies and materials for both professionals and amateurs. After developing the saddle of double Tour de France champion Tadej Pogacar, European XC champion Pauline Ferrand Prevot, world champion Elisa Balsamo and 10-time world champion Nico Vouilloz, We brought our expertise to the field of gloves, creating the Energrip line.

A unique technology, many advantages. Some time ago we introduced CPC, a patented material for the cycling world. Used in "F1" and the military, CPC: Connect -Power - Control is the patented system that guarantees performance and comfort through vibration absorption, grip and positional stability. Thanks to its nano-structure, the special 3D conical and hollow polymer reduces muscle fatigue and facilitates airflow by reducing the temperature in the contact area. The CPC, moreover, positioned in strategic points, protects muscles, tendons and soft tissues from the stresses that come "from the road" ensuring its performance in all weather conditions.

The Energrip glove features what we could call the "CPC 2.0" on the palm. Together with the University of Besançon's performance research center, Prologo has studied the areas of the hand that are most stressed during cycling and the type of stimulation associated with them. Based on this data, obtained through electromyography and other tests, it developed different types of 3D cones that make up the CPC, to adapt to different stimulation/wave frequencies and the needs of the hand. The result is a glove that can dissipate more vibration than other models on the market, leaving muscles feeling cooler and less numb.

For the past six years, Prologo and the Bahrain Victorious team have worked closely together to take riders to the highest level, providing saddles and straps for the team's Merida bikes. In 2022, the team also requested CPC gloves, making them key testers and sources of information for the development of the palm of the new Energrip model. Matej Mohoric on his sensational descent of the Poggio at Milano Sanremo wore the CPC palm glove, showing bike control and grip that only the Slovenian can bring forth.

"We have partnered with Prologo since the beginning. We know their constant dedication to research to provide our riders with the best technology and improve our team's performance. As a team, we are always looking for ways to improve performance and comfort for our riders, and this is a step in that direction," says Vladimir Miholjević, Bahrain Victorious Technical Director. During training camps and winter camps, team riders were able to preview the energrip, allowing Prologo to combine quality data tested "in the field" with lab data. The spearhead of the Prologo Energrip collection will be the short racing glove, but the technology applied to it will also be present on the long finger glove, designed for mid-season and XC.

It is highly valued by Cross Country teams due to its ability to absorb vibration and control the bike. In the 2022 season they will be used by XC teams such as: Cannondale Factory Racing, BMC Mountain Bike Racing Team, Santa Cruz FSA and many others.

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