How to choose the right saddle in 4 steps | Prologo tips | Episode 1

Angelo Furlan, ex professional rider, bike fitter and trainer presents "how to choose the right saddle in 4 steps"
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Short vs long saddles: what are the differences? | Prologo Tips | Episode 2 W/ Paolo Bettini.

Short vs Long saddles, what are the differences and benefits? Paolo Bettini, Olympic and world champion, answer your questions.
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Cutout vs closed saddles, which is better for your bike? | Prologo tips | Episode 3 with Paolo Bettini

Paolo Bettini helps us to understand the differences between a saddle with the cutout and one without.
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The perfect saddle for women and men | Prologo Tips | Episode 4 w/ Paolo Bettini

The Olympic champion teaches us what features to consider when choosing the ideal saddle.
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The right saddle for the different body weights | Prologo tips | Episode 5 w/ Paolo Bettini.

Let's discover what is the BMI and how to consider it when choosing the right saddle
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