1. Intro
Prologo expands the "Myown" family with an innovative sensor system based on textile sensors that can measure and map the pressure exerted on the saddle to find the ideal model for the athlete and his or her position on the bike in a few minutes and in a single session.

In collaboration with the Bioengineering group of the "E. Piaggio" Research Center and Department of Information Engineering Bio - engineering research center of the University of Pisa, the Italian brand has developed a combination of Hardware and Software that can simplify and revolutionize the choice of the saddle and its position.

A simple, space-saving wireless sensor mat that can be placed directly on the saddle mounted on the client's bike. By having the athlete pedal on the rollers, the sensors transmit the forces exerted on the saddle in real time, reporting the distribution of pressure and its peaks. By reading the data, it will then be possible to immediately understand whether the saddle shape and position are correct for the user's characteristics.
2. How do the hardware and software work?
The sensor mat is a simple fabric with +50 pressure sensors placed along the entire surface of the saddle. They can measure even the slightest changes in pressure, transmitting the data to the system that will create real-time 2D and 3D tracking of the saddle and the forces exerted on it. For maximum accuracy, all models and shapes of Prologo saddles are pre-saved, allowing the sensors to better match the model being used. For example, if a model with an exhaust channel is used, the center sensors will turn off, simulating the channel operation. If a saddle is 134mm wide the sensors positioned at 156mm will automatically turn off so as not to affect the result.

Data will be transmitted to either mobile or desktop, depending on the user's preference, storing the data in a personal file that will always be searchable. Since the mat is wireless, the test can be done either indoors or outdoors.

There are two different types of sessions that can be carried out: Free trial and guided trial. In the former, data are recorded freely, for as long as desired and without any instructions. In the guided trial, instructions are given on how to position oneself (hands down on the handlebars, hands in high grip, aerodynamic position...) and well-defined time intervals, thus helping the user to acquire the correct data in different pedaling situations/positions.

The fitter or shopkeeper by reading the pressure data will figure out which of the given options is best. The data will tell us whether: the saddle is too wide/short/long and whether it needs to be moved or not.

3. An archive always available
Once the session is over, a report of the most salient data is automatically generated. The personal record will be easily searchable and comparable with new sessions, so different saddles, different placements, etc. can be compared with each other to find the ideal setting.
4. The analysis process and the "Myown" family of tools
Thanks to the combination of the "Myown perfect saddle" cube and the innovative " Myown pressure map" mat, within minutes the athlete will find the ideal saddle for him and his position.

It starts by using Prologo's famous cube, the "Myown Perfect Saddle," which has been in the best stores and fitters for years to understand the athlete's anthropometric measurements and his level/discipline. Once the athlete's discipline and experience level are entered, we then move on to measuring the ischial bones by simply sitting on the cube with gel insert. This measurement will be helpful in figuring out the final width.

The rotation of the pelvis is then assessed to choose the shape of the saddle: round, half-round or flat.

Finally, the BMI, body mass index, is calculated in order to understand the forces that can be exerted on the saddle. By entering this data, the software will be able to figure out the best alternatives for the athlete's style and characteristics.

Then comes into play the innovative "Myown pressure Map" that will allow absolute certainty on the saddle to choose what to choose, as well as to make the optimal setting directly on the bike. immediately place the new product.

Simply cover with the innovative sensor mat on the selected saddle to get immediate feedback on the pressures exerted.

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